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5G opens new opportunities in the optical communications industry

2019-12-02 16:03:26

The advent of the 5G commercial era is empowering all walks of life. At the 16th "China Optics Valley" International Optoelectronic Expo held recently, what kind of opportunities and challenges 5G will bring to optical communications has become a hot topic in the industry. The implementation of 5G has effectively driven the evolution and upgrade of fiber optic networks, and the broadband network has entered the era of "dual Gigabit". At the same time, 5G is also helping the optical module industry to achieve a new round of take-off.

In order to better support the development of 5G, the industry has launched evaluations of multi-vendor and multi-type 5G bearer optical modules. In order to evaluate the development level of 5G bearer optical modules and promote cooperation and communication among stakeholders in the industry chain, the 5G Bearer Working Group of the IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group has organized the evaluation of 5G bearer optical modules twice. 

4G changes life, 5G changes society. 5G is considered an important force to empower all walks of life and open a new era of the Internet of Everything. Behind the powerful 5G network, a strong bearing of optical communication is required. The wide application of 5G has also brought huge space for the evolution of optical communication technology and industrial development.


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