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A few things you need to know about fiber optic cable

2019-08-03 11:31:50

A few things you need to know about fiber optic cable.Fiber optic cable consists of two basic parts: a core made of transparent optical material, cladding and coating.

Fiber optic cable transmission characteristics include loss, dispersion, bandwidth, cut-off wavelength, mode field diameter, etc.

Fiber optic cable's optical power decreases along the longitudinal axis.The decrease of light power is related to wavelength.The main reasons for the decrease of optical power in optical fiber links are scattering, absorption, and optical power loss caused by connectors and welding joints.The unit of attenuation is dB.

Fiber optic cable is fiber optic cable, which is caused by many factors, including absorption attenuation, including impurity absorption and intrinsic absorption.Scattering attenuation includes linear scattering, nonlinear scattering and structural incomplete scattering.Other attenuation, including micro - bending attenuation.The most important one is the attenuation caused by impurity absorption.