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China releases the world's first visible light communication chip, 10 times faster than 5G

2020-04-18 11:46:20

The world's first commercial ultra wideband visible light communication dedicated chipset was released at the first smart Expo. The chipset can support high-speed transmission of G bits per second, marking that China's visible light communication industry has entered the era of ultra wideband dedicated chips. Visible light communication is a new high-speed data transmission technology, which uses the light of semiconductor lighting (LED) to realize "Internet access with light".


Visible light communication technology is green and low-carbon, which can achieve nearly zero energy consumption communication, and can effectively avoid electromagnetic signal leakage and other weaknesses of radio communication, so as to quickly build a secure information space of anti-interference and anti interception.


Once large-scale and mass production of commercial grade visible light communication chipset, it is of milestone significance for reversing the long-term stagnant situation of visible light communication industry and application market, breaking through the bottleneck of indoor "last 10 meters" short-range ultra wide band wireless optical interconnection technology, and creating a new type of smart home service based on virtual reality.