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How to Use a Fiber Optic Patch Panel

2019-09-20 13:11:05

Getting a fiber optic patch panel is mainly for two reasons: termination and better cable management. As for patch panel termination, it is the step to terminate fibers on the patch panel, a precise task required much attention.


As for cable management, here I recommend you to accompany it with cable managers. From a top-down perspective, the order of the devices in a cabinet should be: fiber patch panel 1, cable manager 1, fiber patch panel 2, cable manager 2

For fiber optic cabling cable management, you should plan the location of your fiber connectivity hardware carefully, including fiber patch panels. You can choose between direct cross connection and patch panel. It is also necessary to arrange your routing and dressing of your fiber patch cords if you choose to use fiber panels. In the meantime, you also have a choice to use fiber cable management brackets to avoid the dangling fiber patch cables. Owning a fiber optic path will not only spare you a lot of time and energy in cabling design, but also present you a neat cabling system, which will bring you efficient work.

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