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In the 5G era, China's fiber optics is full of confidence, focusing on competition to achieve high-quality development

2020-01-13 17:49:07

In 1966, a paper entitled "Dielectric Fiber Surface Waveguides for Optical Wave Transmission" by Mr. Gao Yuan opened a new era. In the 53 years after the publication of this paper, fiber optic communications were all doubled according to 9-12 months. Fan's growth law has developed rapidly, however, this exponential growth trend has slowed down in recent years.


At the "2019 Global Fiber Optic and Cable Conference" held recently, Wang Jianyi, Chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce and Chairman of the Board of Fortis Group, pointed out in his speech that the new generation of information and communication technology represented by 5G is promoting the fourth industry In the course of the revolution, fiber optic cables are an important cornerstone of 5G information transmission networks. The industry must strengthen its confidence, strengthen cooperation, give priority to competitiveness, and achieve high-quality development.

Over the past few decades, the Chinese market has cumulatively consumed nearly 2 billion core kilometers of fiber-optic cables. With the evolution of fiber-optic communication technology, China's fiber-optic cable industry has continued to grow and develop, achieving "from nothing to small, big to large" development. Since 2000, due to the popularity of Internet technology and applications, the fiber optic cable market has entered a period of rapid development. Today, China has become the world's largest producer and demander of fiber optic cables.