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Node Pole-Facebook Arctic Circle Data Center

2019-12-31 10:16:31

Welcome to Facebook's Node Pole, a data center located in Lulea, northern Sweden, one step away from the Arctic Circle, processing any selfies and "likes" you post to Facebook.

It looks like a spaceship with an irregular appearance. Entering the interior, it was like the scene in "Blade Runner": a long and narrow corridor buzzed, the busy servers kept flashing blue light, and the huge fan was running at high speed. It uses cheap local water and electricity to operate, and uses the cold air outside to cool down. The fence built here is not to stop spies, but to stop elk.

Facebook processes 350 million photos, 4.5 billion "likes" and 10 billion messages from around the world every day, which means that Facebook needs to be equipped with an incredible, huge technological infrastructure. No matter if you upload a selfie in Hong Kong or update your personal status in Paris, your data will be stored in Lulea, a place inhabited by elk and the northern lights. You have to pull out a photo taken in 2008, and also rely on the server of this center to respond. This data center was built in Sweden mainly to process an amazing amount of data from all over the world. According to the law, the data generated every 18 months will double.

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