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Some things about ADSS fiber optic cable

2019-08-14 10:48:14

Some things about ADSS fiber optic cable:ADSS fiber optic cable also called All-dielectric Self-supporting Optical Cable. ADSS cable is a non-metallic optical cable which is composed entirely of dielectric materials and contains the necessary support system and can be directly suspended on the power pole tower. It is mainly used for communication routes of overhead high-voltage transmission systems, and can also be used for lightning. Communication lines in an overhead deployment environment such as multiple zones and large spans.

The ADSS cable is a self-supporting cable, so it must withstand the long-term effects of its own gravity, and must withstand the baptism of the natural environment, such as strong winds, rain and snow. If the mechanical performance of the ADSS cable is not designed properly and is not compatible with the local weather, the cable will have potential safety hazards and the life will be compromised. Therefore, for each ADSS cable project, it must be strictly designed according to the natural environment and span of the cable routing, so as to ensure that the cable has sufficient mechanical strength.

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