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Telecom Communication Cable Cat 5 Network Cable Factory

2019-09-18 09:49:24

Telecom Communication Cable Cat 5 Network Cable Factory

Cat5 is a twisted pair cable used in computer networks. It is also a multimedia cable used in information and voice services such as data and voice. It is widely used in Ethernet and broadband access projects. Its quality is directly and inferior. It is related to the transmission quality of information communication. However, due to the development of optical fiber and communication technology, the impact of twisted pair on communication quality is also gradually reduced.The cat5 network cable will be marked with the word "CAT5" and the transmission bandwidth is 100MHz. It is used for voice transmission and data transmission with a maximum transmission rate of 100Mbps. It is mainly used for 100M network and 10M network. The five types of twisted pair outer layer of protective rubber sold on the market are thick, the words "CAT5" are marked on the rubber, and the "CAT5" are marked on the outer packaging carton, and the price is higher.

1.Fast and reliable connection
2.Twisted pairs with bright color
3.For easy recognition
4.Ripcord and footmark for convenient use
5.Smooth jacket for easy pulling in tight space
6.Passing Fluke test is optional

1.Computer network cabling project
2.Broadband network communication
3.Digital ISDN and ATM 100Mbps network
4.Ethernet network
5.Audio and data transmissio

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