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What is a Fiber Optic Patch Panel

2019-09-20 11:46:30

Patch panel is defined as the interface between multiple optical fibers and optical equipment. It’s a termination unit that helps networking and fiber distribution from wiring closet to various terminal equipment. Fiber optic patch panel is a mounted hardware unit containing an assembly of port locations in a communication or other electronic or electrical system. Fiber optic patch panel is used to terminate the fiber optic cable and provide access to the cable’s individual fibers for cross connection. They are mostly mounted in 19 inch relay racks, but they can also be mounted on freestanding rails, in cabinets and also on walls.


Fiber optic patch panel are divided into two types based on different designs, the wall mount and rack mount category. Both types can house, organize, and protect fiber optic cable and connectors. Rack mount patch panels come in flat and angled versions while the wall mount patch panel is used for direct termination of several fibers, and are mostly equipped with routing guides to limit the bend radius for enhanced strain-relief control.

They can also be classified according to the count of ports. The common patch panels are come in 12 ports, 24 ports, 48 ports and 96 ports. The height of it can also vary as 1U, 2U, 3U and so on.

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