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Which industry does the wire and cable industry belong to?

2019-09-10 11:13:46

Which industry does the wire and cable industry belong to?

Wire and cable industry belongs to: manufacturing (category: C) - electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing (large category: 38) - wire, cable, optical cable and electrical equipment manufacturing (medium class: 383) - wire and cable manufacturing ( Subcategory: 3831); In addition, fiber and cable manufacturing (small class: 3832). Therefore, the wire and cable industry national economy classification complete code: C3831

The wire and cable industry first belonged to the "mechanical industry". The original Ministry of Machinery Industry, communications cable wire and cable, optical cable later belonged to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

It should now belong to the "electric machinery and equipment manufacturing industry", accurate and reasonable should belong to the "electrical and electrical industry."
Technology and industry integration: belongs to "China Electrical Equipment Industry Association - Wire and Cable Branch", is one of the 33 branches of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, and is composed of wire and cable manufacturers from all regions, systems and various systems in the country. It is composed of enterprise groups, science and technology units, schools and various related institutions. In addition, many major supporting enterprises that supply special equipment and special materials for the wire and cable industry have also entered the ranks of the association.

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