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Wuhan Optical Valley under the epidemic: will it affect the optical communication market?

2020-03-06 10:02:17

The source of the outbreak is located in Wuhan, Hubei Province, which is the main manufacturing base of optical fiber and optical cable in China. Two of China's five major optical communication manufacturers, YOFC and Fiberhome, are located here.
The fiber preform capacity of the two enterprises in Hubei Province accounts for 35% of China's domestic capacity in 2020, equivalent to 20.3% of the global capacity.

In terms of production capacity, Hubei Province is the most important fiber optic cable manufacturing center in China and even in the world. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the factories here have been shut down, but the inventory of fiber optic cable factories in Hubei Province is relatively sufficient, and the impact of the epidemic may not appear immediately.
The outbreak of novel coronavirus has caused domestic factories to stop production and reduce production for weeks, especially in factories in Hubei. Under the condition that domestic resources are preferentially supplied to the domestic market, the resources obtained by overseas factories and sales channels will be relatively limited.
But now that production has been gradually restored, the impact on the global market will gradually decrease. As well as a group of enterprises like CCOFC that were approved by the government to return to work on February 10 to escort the communication construction, the impact of the epidemic on the optical communication market is not significant and is slowly weakening.