2023 Communication Show outlook: Optical communication ushered in its new growth cycle

In the past ten years, my country has built the world's largest and most complete optical communication industry system. Some key technologies such as optical communication equipment, optical modules and devices, and optical fiber cables have reached the international advanced level, and a number of global leading companies have emerged.

With the opening of a new decade of my country's digital economy in 2022, the digital economy has also entered a new round of rapid development. The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology predicts that the scale of my country's digital economy will exceed 60 trillion yuan by 2025; and it will exceed 100 trillion yuan by 2032.

However, the development of the digital economy is inseparable from new infrastructure, and fiber optic cables are indispensable in the process of new infrastructure. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the national optical cable output in December 2022 will be 346 million core kilometers, a cumulative increase of 6.6%, setting a new high since 2015. From January to April 2023, the cumulative output of optical cables reached 106 million core kilometers, a cumulative increase of 4.1%.

It can be said that the optical communication industry will develop well in 2022 after bottoming out, and the optical communication industry in 2023 will surely usher in a new growth cycle after going through the low tide period.

The 2023 Communication Exhibition will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center from June 4th to June 6th, with the theme of "opening up the main artery of information and creating a new era of digital intelligence". How will optical communication companies demonstrate the positive role played by the information and communication industry in empowering the real economy and promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries with rich cases and scenarios?

let us wait and see.

The optical communication industry has entered the third round of growth cycle

There is no doubt that the digital economy has become a new driving force for global economic growth.

The high-quality optical fiber network is the cornerstone of the digital economy, and it is playing an increasingly important role in connecting thousands of industries and building smart cities. Entering a new stage of gigabit optical network construction, the optical fiber and cable industry has entered the third round of growth cycle.

In 2022, a series of favorable policies will push the optical fiber and cable industry into a new cycle of rising volume and price.

For example, the "Double Gigabit" network plan has been further promoted, the "Digital from the East to the West" project has been launched, and the development of the digital economy has been promoted to the national strategy. The construction of 5G and FTTx has entered a period of rapid development, and the global digital transformation is vigorously promoting the optical fiber and cable industry to enter a new golden development cycle of rising volume and price.

CRU predicts that by 2025, the global demand for optical cables will reach 610 million fiber-kilometers. At present, the price of optical fiber and cable is rising, the industry's prosperity is improving, and the innovation and application cycle of the industry will be greatly shortened. For optical fiber and cable companies that have mastered core technologies, they will face new development opportunities.

With the gradual implementation of the east-to-west computing project, optical fiber and cable will continue to benefit as a transmission channel for east-west data, driving the demand for the optical fiber and cable industry to improve.

As Zhang Haiyi, director of the Institute of Technology and Standards of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, said: "The demand for computing power bears to promote the accelerated evolution of optical networks in the direction of high-speed all-optical interconnection, computing power perception, deterministic bearer, collaborative intelligence, and green high integration. , High-speed and large-capacity, new types of optical fibers, all-optical low-latency, convergent determinism, all-optical network extension, high module integration, collaborative management and control, and self-intelligent operation and maintenance will be the main development trends of computing power optical networks in the future."

Therefore, new types of fiber optic cables with large capacity, ultra-low latency, and ultra-low loss will gradually become the mainstream, and the demand for 400G/800G high-speed optical modules and 10G-PON all-optical equipment will continue to increase, which will bring new opportunities for fiber optic cables. Manufacturers provide new opportunities for development.

Gradually expand the world influence

Overseas markets continue to drive the demand for optical fiber and cable, and promote the export of my country's optical cable products.

However, our optical communication companies are not limited to the export of optical fiber and cable products. They have entered overseas markets one after another, constantly improving the layout of overseas localized production capacity, building localized supply and service capabilities, and meeting the needs of future business development and overseas market expansion.

The improvement of overseas production capacity layout is conducive to better meet the needs of customers, and is also conducive to the release of more production capacity by optical communication companies in the environment of tight supply in the domestic market, so as to achieve sustainable development of domestic and foreign businesses.

Several leading companies in the optical communication industry, such as YOFC, Hengtong, Zhongtian, etc., cover the entire industrial chain from optical fiber preforms, optical fibers to optical cables, and have strong self-developed technologies and a complete product system. Even so, the pace of innovation of optical communication enterprises has not stopped, and technological innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for enterprise development.

In 2022, YOFC's "A Device and Method for Preparing Optical Fiber Preform by VAD Method" won the 23rd China Patent Silver Award; Hengtong Optoelectronics successfully released 800G optical modules, and 400G optical module products have been applied in small batches in domestic and foreign markets ; The dynamic optical cable independently developed by Fiberhome Communications has completed 100,000 bending fatigue life tests, helping the completion of the FAST radio telescope of a major country, and accelerating breakthroughs in key technologies for marine communications; Technology" and many other projects won the first and second prizes of provincial and ministerial science and technology awards.

In addition, product and technical standards have always been regarded as the "golden key" for enterprises to open up the international market. In recent years, China's optical device industry has continued to grow and develop, occupying more and more market shares in the world's optical fiber communication market, and has also made remarkable progress.

A few days ago, the International Electrotechnical Commission Fiber Optics Active Devices Working Group (IEC/SC 86C WG4) held a working meeting in San Francisco, USA. Active Components and Devices-Packaging and Interface Standard Part 22: 25Gb/s Directly Modulated Laser Package with Temperature Control Unit" standard, successfully passed the IEC expert discussion, and was officially approved and released by the IEC.

This standard stipulates the packaging specifications of 25Gb/s DML lasers. Related products are widely used in 5G, data centers and WDM transmission network equipment. This is the first international standard for optical communication active devices drafted by my country in the field of optical communication active devices. .

The formulation and release of this international standard is conducive to the formation of a demonstration effect in the optical device industry, leading Chinese companies to further enhance their core competitiveness and expand their global influence.

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