Who knows the basic equipment composition and function of optical communication?

Optical communication is the communication using light waves as the carrier. With the advent of the information age, people's demand for optical communication bandwidth is increasing. There are two ways to increase the bandwidth of the optical path: one is to increase the single-channel transmission rate of the optical fiber; the other is to increase the number of wavelengths transmitted in a single optical fiber, that is, wavelength division. Multiplexing technology (WDM).

At present, Broadband Metropolitan Area Network (BMAN) is becoming the focus of information construction. The huge bandwidth of DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) and the transparency of data transmission are undoubtedly the technology in the field of optical fiber applications. However, MAN has the characteristics of short transmission distance, flexible topology, and multiple access types. If DWDM, which is mainly used for long-distance transmission, is copied, the cost will inevitably be too high; at the same time, early DWDM is difficult to adapt to the flexibility and diversity of MAN.

Faced with the broadband demand of this low-cost metropolitan area, CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology emerged as the times require, and soon became a practical device. The optical equipment currently used mainly includes: ① Optical devices include optical couplers, optical multiplexers, optical filters, optical fiber connectors and attenuators, optical detectors, optical amplifiers, optical modulators and switches; ② Optical transmitters; ③ optical receiver.

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What is the optical module for

Optical modules are optoelectronic devices that perform photoelectric and electro-optical conversion. The optical module is also called a fiber optic transceiver, which is mainly used for photoelectric conversion of signals. At the transmitting end, the electrical signal of the device is converted into an optical signal, and at the receiving end, the optical signal is restored to an electrical signal. The optical module is composed of a laser at the transmitting end, a detector at the receiving end, and electronic devices for data encoding/decoding.

What is the principle of optical communication?

The principle of optical fiber communication is: at the sending end, the transmitted information (such as voice) must first be converted into an electrical signal, and then modulated onto the laser beam emitted by the laser, so that the intensity of the light changes with the amplitude (frequency) of the electrical signal. And send it out through the optical fiber; at the receiving end, the detector converts the optical signal into an electrical signal after receiving it, and restores the original information after demodulation.