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Horizontal type fiber optic splice closure 2 inlet 2 outlet 96 cores FOSC-H96C-01

Product Model:


Fiber optic splice closure is mainly used for protecting the fiber optic junc-tion between two cables and reserve a section fiber optic for maintenance inthe box. The outer part and the fusing part of the closure are made of theproject plastic with the virtue, has good leak-proof, anti- water anddamp-proof feature and its power line is corrosion resistant. It can be placewith the aerial cable or buried in earth or pipeline,and can be widely used.
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  • Product Description
  • Product features

    1. The box body adopts imported reinforced plastics, high strength, corrosion resistance, terminal type is suitable for structural cable terminal room connection, mature structure, reliable sealing, convenient construction.

    2.Widely used in communication, network system, CATV cable TV, optical cable network system and so on.

    3. The box body of the product is made of high quality engineering plastics.

    4. The product adopts two-time cable compression technology to ensure that the optical fiber in the box has no additional decay.

    5. The product has multiple reuse and capacity expansion functions.

    Product Name

    2 inlet 2 outlet 96 core horizontal type fiber optic splice closure



    Dimension (mm)




    Max Capacity


    Maximum install tray Number



    2 inlet 2 outlet

    Installation method

    wall mounted or pole mounted


    Technical parameters

    1. Environmental requirements

    Operating temperature: -40℃-60℃ Atmospheric pressure: 70KPA-106KPA

    2. Main technical indicators

    Tensile seal: After aeration, the product can bear 2000N axial tension, no air leakage.

    Impact seal: After the product is inflated, it can withstand the impact energy of 16N*m (Newton *m) three times, the product has no cracks, no air leakage.

    3. Lightning protection technical specifications

    The grounding device of the box shall be insulated with the box, and the insulation resistance shall not be less than 2×10^4MΩ/500V(direct current);

    The resistance voltage between the box grounding device and the box is not less than 15KV(DC) /min, no breakdown, no flying arc; U≥15KV(DC)

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