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Vertical type fiber optic splice closure 1 inlet 4 outlet 144core FOSC-M144C-01H

Product Model:


Fiber optic splice closure provides space and protection for the connection and splicing of optical cables. It is widely used in the connection of optical fibers and plays the role of sealing, protection, installation of optical fiber connectors and storage. Direct connection, shunt connection and related connection protection can be provided in the optical transmission link,has excellent sealing performance,convenient installation and wide application range. It is the first choice of optical fiber connection equipment.
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  • Product Description
  • Product features

    1. High quality PC, ABS, PPR materials are optional, which can ensure that under severe conditions such as vibration, impact, tensile cable deformation and strong temperature change.

    2. Strong structure, perfect outline, lightning resistance, erosion resistance, add resistance.

    3. The structure is solid and reasonable, the mechanical seal structure can be opened after sealing, and can be reused.

    4. Good waterproof and dustproof effect, unique grounding device, to ensure the sealing performance, easy installation.

    5. The junction box has a wide range of applications, good sealing performance and easy installation. It is made of high-strength engineering plastic shell, with aging resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and high mechanical strength.

    Product Name

    FTTH Dome type Vertical outdoor fiber optic joint closure


    Heat shrinkable sealing



    Dimension (mm)


    Max Capacity


    Maximum install tray Number



    1 inlet 4 outlet


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    • FOSC-M144C-01H
    • fiber splice closure

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