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8-core MPO branch fiber patch cord MPO-LC /SC/FC/ST fiber patch cord

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MTP trunk cable is a cost-effective substitute for field terminal. It is designed for high-density optical fiber wiring in data center, which can save space and reduce cable management problems. With US Conec MTP connector and Corning fiber, it is optimized for 40G and 100G fiber direct connection and high-density data center applications.
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  • Product Description
  • Product features

    1. The main cable core number is small, small volume, compact joint design, simple plug and easy to install and disassemble.

    2. Using imported grinding equipment and grinding materials, advanced production process to ensure more stable transmission.

    3. All components have been tested optically and are in line with ROHS standards.

    4. Comply with ANSI/TIA/EIA; ISO/IEC, GR and other international standards require durability, moisture resistance, coupling stress, fiber tensile force, and adaptability to harsh environments such as humidity, extreme temperature, plug and pull force, cable tensile stress, impact and vibration.

    5. Simple push-pull type locking structure, convenient and intuitive insertion and removal, suitable for different installation environment.

    6. Adapt to the working temperature (-40℃~+75℃), storage temperature (-40℃~+85℃).

    Type performance

    Single mode


    APC standard loss

    Low loss of APC

    PC standard loss

    PC low loss

    Insertion loss

    Maximum value





    Typical value





    Return loss



    Test wavelength



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