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Outdoor waterproof fiber patch cord Mini-SC

Product Model:


Waterproof patch cord refers to a type of fiber optic patch cord with a ruggedly designed PU sheath and armored structure that complies with ODVA (Open Equipment Vendors Association) standards and meets the IP66/67 environmental sealing rating. It is waterproof, dustproof, and resistant to high temperatures, and is often used in harsh outdoor environments. Waterproof jumpers are similar to ordinary jumpers, including single core, double core, multi-core, etc. The connectors can be customized as LC, SC, FC, etc. according to needs.
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  • Product Description
  • Product features

    1. Low insertion loss, high return loss

    2. Screw bayonet tightening mechanism can ensure long-term reliable connection

    3. Guide mechanism, can be single-hand blind insertion, simple and quick installation

    4. Sealing design: with waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistance and other characteristics

    5. Small shape, easy to operate, durable

    6. Meet RoHS standards


    Product specifications

    Fiber optic connector types


    Fiber optic



    Insertion loss(dB)

    Typical value 0.20, maximum value 0.30

    Typical value 0.20, maximum value 0.30

    Return loss(dB)



    Product Standards

    Meets Telcodia GR-326-CORE Issue 4, IEC 61754 series, YD/T 1272 series standards and RoHS

    Working Environment



    Environmental Protection

    RoHS compliant

    RoHS compliant

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