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Gigabit single-mode dual-fiber desktop external power transceiver

Product Model:


The product adopts the structural design of a desktop external power supply and uses a 5V mains power supply to adapt to the power supply. It is easy to move and can work independently. Two optical fibers are used to transmit the sending and receiving signals respectively. The mutual interference between the signals is small, and it is suitable for long-distance transmission. The following transmission distances are supported, namely 2km (multi-mode), 20km, 40km, 60km, 100km and 120km. It has a link alarm function, which can promptly remind the occurrence of faults and prompt the fault location, and can force the Ethernet electrical port link to be interrupted. It has 6 indicators that can dynamically indicate the connection status of optical fiber and electrical port links and link failure alarms.
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  • Product Description
  • Product features

    1. Compliant with IEEE802.3z/ab,IEEE802.1q,IEEE802.3u,1000Base-SX/LX,IEEE802.3ah,IEEE802.1D standard simple design, high reliability, low power consumption modular structure design, can be on the centralized power supply rack.

    2. Support hot-swappable, plug-and-play ultra-low latency data transmission, network protocol transparent transmission, support store-and-forward mode, support ultra-long packets, up to 9720 bytes, built-in 128K cache support IEEE802.1Q, support cross-switch VLAN, TRUNK

    3. Port support Auto-MDI/MDIX auto-flip support IEEE802.x, port traffic and back pressure control and secure user authentication, support port VLAN, port mirroring, IPV6 port mirroring traffic 4K, MAC-based Trunking

    4. Network and optical access rate 10/100/1000M adaptive automatic link effectiveness transfer, dual Tagging/QinQ

    5. Support generation number and cycle detection, IGMP, MLD

    6. With link alarm (LFP) function, automatic detection of any port disconnection in the link to force the Ethernet port link interruption built-in lightning protection circuit, can significantly reduce the damage caused by lightning induction


    Technical parameters

    LED indicator light


    Power supply

     DC5V 1A (External)

    Power consumption


    Operating temperature

     0 ~ 50 ℃

    Storage temperature

    -40~ 70 ℃

    Relative Humidity

    5%~90%  No condensation

    Access method



    IEEE802.1q,IEEE802.3u,10/100/1000Base-T,100Base-FX, 1000Base-SX/LX,IEEE802.3ah,IEEE802.3z/ab,IEEE802.1D



    Transmission distance

    Multimode: 550m, Singlemode: 20/40/60/80km, Category 5 twisted pair: 100m

    End port

    1 RJ45 port: connect STP/UTP Category 5, Category 6 twisted-pair cable

    1 fiber optic port: multimode SC/ST (fiber size 50/125um,62.5/125um)

    Single-mode SC/FC fiber optic port (fiber size 9/125um)

    Conversion method

    Media conversion, store-and-forward / direct pass

    MAC Address

    Automatic refresh, MAC-based Truking and automatic link failover

    Buffer Space


    Packet Length

    Store and forward: 9720Bytes, pass-through: unlimited length

    Traffic Control

    Full duplex status: flow control , half duplex status: back pressure method


    Store-and-forward: 9.6us, pass-through: 0.9us




    Key words:
    • Gigabit single-mode dual-fiber desktop external power transceiver

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