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Second generation panel

Product Model:

Second generation panel

Used in the work area, data modules, voice modules, etc. are used together with single-port, dual-port, and four-port information panels to provide user terminal (telephone, TV, computer) lead-out interfaces. It is suitable for multi-type module installation and is used for wiring in the work area. system.
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  • Product Description
  •  Product Features

    1. Standard 86 size, providing four specifications such as single and double port straight face and oblique port

    2. Adopt PC/ABS flame retardant, meet UL 94V-0 flame retardant standard

    3. Built-in face frame, which can be disassembled at the front, convenient for daily maintenance operations

    4. The overall panel is stylish and beautiful, with streamlined corners

    5. Removable labeling strips for easy port identification


    Product number

    Product number

    Product description


    Single port flat, white, 1PC


    Double flat, white, 1PC


    Single port oblique, white, 1PC


    Double port oblique, white, 1PC

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