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Fish Anchor Clamp

Product Model:

Fish Anchor Clamp

Fiber Optic Descent Wire Clamp, designed to anchor or support round fiber optic cable drop cable, FTTH clamp manual self-adjusting, easy installation.
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  • Product Description
  • Product features

    1. Fish cable as a type of wheel clip drop wire is mainly used with fiber drop cable.

    2. This clamping device is essential for FTTX solutions.

    3. FTTH fish clip, can be used in anchoring, swivel, overhead fiber optic cable runs.

    4. Galvanized steel wire bail allows the installation of the descending wire fish clip on the pole brackets, SS hooks.

    5. This type of FTTH cable clips makes it easy to remove, install without any additional tools.

    6. The application is similar to the waj type self-adjusting tension clamps, but should be carried out according to the specification.


    Technical Specification

    Product code

    Cable size, mm

    MBL, kN

    Weight (kg)

    Fish Clamp

    Round: 3.0~3.5

    Flat: 2.0*3.0



    Key words:
    • Drop Wire Clamp
    • Universal Pole Bracket
    • ADSS Cable Clamp
    • dead end
    • Suspension Clamp

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