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Plastic Dead-end

Product Model:

Plastic Dead-end

These anchoring clamps are made of an opened conical body, a pair of plastic wedges and a flexible bail equipped with an insulating thimble. The bail can be locked onto the clamp body once passed through the pole bracket and re-opened by hand at any time when the clamp is not under full load. All parts are secured together to prevent any loss during installation.
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  • Product Description
  • Product features

    1. Dead-ending of 6 to 20 mm ADSS cables

    2. Minimum breaking load of 500/600 daN

    3. Installation on any pole hardware fi tting: brackets, cross-arms or eye bolt with a min eye Ø of 15 mm

    4. 4kV thimble as standard. 11 kV thimble available

    5. All plastic parts are UV resistant and tested in conditions equivalent to min 25 years of service in tropical environmen

    Key words:
    • Drop Wire Clamp
    • Universal Pole Bracket
    • ADSS Cable Clamp
    • dead end
    • Suspension Clamp


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