Franchise Qualification

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1, The Partner Must Be Legally Established in Accordance with the Domestic Law of the Company, With Operation and Import Related Qualifications;
2, Partners Need to Have a Certain Economic Entity and Investment Strength, Have a Good Reputation and Brand Long-Term Operation Ideas;
3, Partners Need to Have a Strong Sense of Market Competition and Professionalism, Have a Professional Team or Willing to Build a Team, With Regional Market Brand Promotion and Operation Capabilities, Customer Development and Maintenance and Team Management Capabilities;
4. Partners Should Agree with the Market Positioning, Business Philosophy and Development Strategy of Ccofc Brand.
5, Partners Have a Correct Understanding of the Two Sides of Investment Risk and Return and Full Mental Preparation;
6. Partners Should Have Rich Social Resources and Industry Contacts, And Be Able to Complete the Annual Tasks and Performance Targets Set by Ccofc.

Product Support

A.Product Support

1. Partners will be authorized by CCOFC to sell the full line of products in the designated region;
2. Partners will be able to sell CCOFC's newly developed products with excellent market competitiveness;
3. Partners will have CCOFC to improve reliable product quality;
4. Partners will have the most competitive price of CCOFC products;

Technical Support

B.Technical Support

1. Partners will be able to share all product specifications and technical details of CCOFC;
2. Technical problems encountered by partners will be given priority by CCOFC technical department;
3. Partners can submit design requests for new products, and CCOFC engineering department and technical department will give support after evaluating feasibility;
4. Partners can apply for regular product and technical training;

Market Support

C.Market Support

1.CCOFC Theoretically Does Not Participate in Market Competition in the Partner Region;
2.CCOFC Supports market development and bidding in partner regions;
3.CCOFC Supports partners to participate in large-scale industry events and communication exhibitions in the region;
4.CCOFC Supports partners to jointly enhance regional brand competitiveness and after-sales service;

Joining Application Form

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