19 inch MPO Fiber optic patch panel for data center

MPO fiber optic distribution box fiber optic distribution frame, for data center MDA, IDA or HDA wiring area fiber optic backbone connection and wiring management, installed in 19-inch racks and cabinets.


Product Applications.


Data centers, enterprise networks and other large server rooms


Product features.


1、Installed in 19-inch racks and cabinets for centralized management of modular boxes


2, Through the modular design to achieve the growth of the number of ports, to provide fiber high-density connection capacity


3,Made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate


7, the plate through strict degreasing, pickling, anti-rust phosphate, pure water cleaning, and then electrostatic spraying, spraying thickness of 80μm-100μm, in line with the European ROHS environmental standards


4, Fiber optic distribution frame design includes cable management frame and labeling bar


5, The ODF is easy to install, easy to manage and other advantages


6,It is more than four times the density of the traditional fusion fiber distribution frame, greatly saving the space of the cabinet, improve the utilization of the cabinet, creating value for the data center construction. ODF-1U can accommodate 144 cores of fiber or more.


7,The modular structure is convenient to upgrade and maintain


We have lot of design of MPO ODF for you to choose . And also We provide one to one customized service.


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