China Unicom builds China's first underground 5G commercial network

On June 5, 2020, at the Pang Punta Coal Mine deep in Luliang Mountain, the engineering and technical personnel of Unicom (Shanxi) Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. were debugging the last base station of Pang Punta 5G network under the mine. At 9 pm, the commissioning was successful. By now, the first commercial underground 5G private network deployed in coal mines covering more than 100 kilometers of roadways in China and the world was basically completed.

On the morning of June 17, China Unicom held a "5G+ Smart Mine" symposium, which featured the nation's first underground 5G commercial network-the construction process of Pang Punta Coal Mine, the progress of 5G+ Smart Mine and the deep integration of 5G technology and industry This indicates that China Unicom's 5G+ smart mining solution has entered a new stage of mass promotion.

The Pang Punta Mine has a planned production capacity of more than 10 million tons, which is one of the national intelligent standard mine pilots. Based on the effective data from the previous field tests, China Unicom carried out an overall planning and design of the Pang Pangta mine network system, compiled a 5G+ intelligent mine solution construction plan, and conducted a comprehensive demonstration of the feasibility and necessity of 5G high-speed network underground construction. And organized several top experts in the field of coal to review the project feasibility plan. The project covers 100 kilometers of roadways and is the nation's first fully-scale 5G commercial network. At the same time, the project is implemented 800 meters underground, and the technical and construction difficulties are the highest in history.

China Unicom's 5G+ smart mining solution fundamentally solves the traditional network technology's inability to meet the production characteristics of high-risk underground environments, the large number of equipment and sensors, and the large number of employees. It provides reliable network support for building intrinsic safety in coal mines. At present, the Pang Punta Coal Mine has built a super-converged high-quality network integrating 4G, 5G and NB-IoT, relying on the three characteristics of 5G network: large bandwidth, wide connection, and low latency. The system data is transmitted through a network, and the measured network bandwidth reaches more than 50G, and the transmission delay is at least 10ms. Based on the network, the mine has successfully built smart applications such as video acquisition, intelligent analysis, comprehensive perception, three-dimensional display, device health management, and VR high-definition live broadcast.


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