How do we choose the right network cabinet?

Network cabinets are generally made of cold-rolled steel plates to store computers and related control equipment. They can provide protection for storage equipment, shield electromagnetic interference, and arrange equipment in an orderly and orderly manner to facilitate future equipment maintenance. However, the cabinet has always been regarded as a low-value and accessory product in IT applications. It is only a container for accommodating equipment such as server cabinets and is not taken seriously. The low-cost cabinet is indeed the direct physical protection of the expensive IT equipment. If you only pay attention to the IT equipment itself and not the IT microenvironment in which it is located, then the data center will be brought to the edge of danger.


There are many considerations to choose a cabinet that suits you. The first is the objective requirements you require: first consider the placement of the computer room, how much space it is, and what is the size of the equipment; the second is the question of buying a brand:


1. The quality of the cabinet (choosing a suitable cabinet is very important, a slight negligence may lead to huge losses. No matter which brand of product, quality is your first consideration)


2.The price (the cabinet ranges from a few thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, which is completely incomparable with the value of internal network equipment. So sometimes a cabinet costs a few hundred yuan more to buy a reliable one. Don't just want to buy a cabinet that is too cheap , While putting the price first, it ignores the cabinet quality)


3. After-sales service (the effective service provided by the cabinet manufacturer can bring great convenience to the user's installation and maintenance).


The choice of a good cabinet also depends on:


1. Steel plate, steel plate must be thick;


2. Spray paint, you need to spray paint, and it must be even;


3. Architecture layout, look at the architecture layout, with heat dissipation holes;


4. Accessories, whether the accessories are complete;


5. Glass, the glass must be thicker;


6. Heat dissipation, estimate how much heat your device generates.


Therefore, choosing a cabinet that suits you needs to consider many aspects. Each aspect is very important. A little negligence may lead the data center to the edge of danger.


CCOFC network cabinet can meet your need.The appearance and interior of CCOFC network server cabinet are all made of the best cold-rolled steel plates, with fine workmanship, precise dimensions, flat door panels and neat corners. No burrs and welding slag ect that destory the surface of the equipment,which protect the hands of the personnel of the installation, operation and maintenance. The parts are no unnornmal deformation,with flexible door switch, no friction, no abnormal noise,which add value to your project.


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