How to test whether the fiber optic patch cord is qualified?

Detection method: using the insertion and return loss meter. First of all, use the light pen to measure whether the patch cord is light, to determine the fiber is not broken, measured indicators, general telecom-level indicators: insertion loss less than 0.3dB, return loss greater than 45dB.

Guangdong Changcheng (CCOFC) fiber optic patch cord products low insertion loss, high return loss. The rate of change of loss ≤ 0.3db, return loss ≥ 50db. 

Fiber optic patch cord connector is a necessary consideration for users in the purchase of fiber optic patch cord, understanding the meaning of various fiber optic patch cord connector can help users find the products they want faster.

Different connectors are used for different devices, mainly MPO, SC, FC, LC, ST interface patch cords.

MPO type fiber patch cord: used for 40G, 100G optical module connection and high density data center.

LC-type fiber patch cords: used for the connection of SFP optical modules, it uses modular jacks, generally used on routers this patch cord.

SC-type fiber optic patch cords: for connecting GBIC optical modules, it has a rectangular housing, fastening method is used to plug and lock latch type, no need to rotate, generally used more on the router switch.

FC-type fiber optic patch cord: the external strengthening method uses metal sleeves, fastening method is screw fastening, generally used more on the wiring frame.

ST-type fiber optic patch cord: the shell is round, the fastening method for the screw buckle, generally used more on the distribution frame.

What do you need to pay attention to using fiber optic patch cords?

Fiber-optic patch cord precautions.

First, fiber optic patch cord at both ends of the optical module must be the same wavelength, that is, both ends of the fiber must be the same wavelength optical module, a simple way to distinguish the color of the optical module to be consistent. In general, short-wave optical modules use multimode fiber (orange fiber), long-wave optical modules use single-mode fiber (yellow fiber), to ensure the accuracy of data transmission.

Second, before using the fiber optic patch cord ceramic insert and insert end face must be wiped clean with alcohol and degreasing cotton.

Third, fiber optic installation lightly inserted and lightly pulled, too much force is easy to cause the fiber insert core offset, thus affecting the quality of optical communications.

Fourth, optical fiber in use do not overbend and winding, which will increase the attenuation of light in the transmission process.

Fifth, fiber optic patch cord after use must be protected with a protective sleeve to protect the fiber optic connector, dust and oil will damage the fiber coupling.

Sixth, the laser signal transmission, please do not look directly at the fiber end face.

Seventh, the fiber optic connector is dirty, you can use cotton swabs dipped in alcohol to clean, otherwise it will affect the quality of communication

Eigth, to ensure that the operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +80 ℃, relative humidity: 5% ~ 90%, within the range of use.

Ninth, there are man-made and other irresistible factors damage should be promptly replaced damaged fiber optic patch cord.

Tenth, before installation should read the manual carefully, and installation and commissioning under the guidance of the manufacturer or distributor's engineers.

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