Is the medical mask you bought reliable?

Recently affected by the coronavirus, masks have become an essential part of daily life, and even some people can't buy masks. Do you worry about whether the masks you buy meet the requirements? The seller will tell you that it is a regular mask that has been tested. Is that 100% sure? Here are a few tips that can help you test.

Medical masks have three layers: from the outside to the inside, they are waterproof layer, filter layer and comfort layer.

First, smell,Masks with special bad smell must be unqualified;

Secondly, the main protective effect is the melt-blown nonwovens in the middle of the mask, which has the filterability of bacteria and the electrostatic adsorption of particles, and can resist particles, droplets and so on. It is useless if the melt-blown nonwovens is thin; Second, to see if there is electrostatic adsorption.Meltblown cloth is also waterproof, but masks made of other fake materials can also be waterproof, so this point must be carefully considered.

Or you can sacrifice a mask to cut it open for inspection,
Meltblown non-woven fabric is a very fine long-fiber non-woven fabric with low strength, easy to tear, and brittle sound when tearing. In addition, if you look at a small piece of meltblown non-woven fabric facing the light, you can see the fiber texture. If the thickness of the fiber is very serious, it means that the quality of the meltblown fabric is poor. Cut out a piece of meltblown nonwoven fabric and gently touch it with your fingers. Near the meltblown nonwoven, the meltblown nonwoven tends to stick to your fingers.

I hope all the masks you bought are qualified to protect you, and the inspection reports of masks are available for inspection. Before you buy them, you can ask the seller to show the inspection reports and numbers for inquiry.




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