What are the advantages of outdoor FTTA fiber patch cord?

  The advent of the 5G era has made data transmission more rapid. The market use of FTTA outdoor fiber optic cable is also becoming more and more widespread. What are the advantages of this fiber optic cable that make it widely recognized in the market and what substantial benefits can it bring?

  Outdoor FTTA fiber optic patch cord is a through-the-wall sealed structure products. The product consists of a dual-core LC plug jumper and a special metal t-type crimp ring, the optical path is connected to the remote device and the base station equipment through the dual-core LC plug at both ends of the plug jumper, where the t-type crimp ring is fixed on the RRU chassis for fixing the DLC plug therein and ensuring a waterproof seal through the remote device. The outer sheath of the fiber optic cable is made of low smoke and halogen free flame retardant material (LSZH).

 1.Outdoor FTTA fiber optic patch cord can save business costs

This fiber optic cable, as the name implies, is to achieve a longer distance fiber optic cable signal transport technology, so compared to the previous base station construction distance, this long-distance transmission technology, compared to the loss of fiber optic cable in the past has also decreased a lot, so in this sense, can help enterprises save station construction costs

 2.Outdoor FTTA fiber optic patch cord  can cover a wider range

Probably many people used to pull broadband can obviously feel that if installed in the living room, the signal to the room will be significantly weaker, the signal coverage is not as strong. But after the implementation of this technology, the indoor and outdoor signals can be taken into account at the same time, through the appropriate program design, to achieve greater network signal coverage and improve the strength of the network signal.

 3.Long-distance fiber optic cable can improve the efficiency of network optimization

This technology not only can realize the new construction of the network quickly, but also in the network optimization. It can effectively improve the efficiency of optimization, according to the different conditions of each base station, to build some more reasonable and effective network structure, to achieve a richer use of network resources.

It can be seen that the benefits of pulling far away from the fiber optic cable is really quite a lot, and the external diameter of this fiber optic cable is also more small, lighter texture, etc., so it is also quite popular in the mobile communications market.

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