What are the application features of the network cabinet?

As the carrier of electronic equipment, cabinet has been widely used in various industries and environments. For the equipment, the important purpose of the cabinet is to ensure the normal work of the equipment. For the operators, the internal equipment of the cabinet should be easy to maintain and use safely. All in all, there are many requirements for the cabinet, so what are the application characteristics of the cabinet in the computer room?

High reliability:

Reliability refers to the ability of the cabinet to ensure that its internal equipment can complete the function under the specified conditions and within the specified time, that is, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment in the cabinet, not affected by the surrounding environment. Such as the cabinet can effectively let the equipment ventilation and heat dissipation, electric heating, anti-interference, etc.


Maintainability means that the operators can quickly maintain and replace the equipment inside the cabinet. At the same time, ergonomics should ensure that the cabinet structure design is reasonable and the equipment is easy to operate.

For cabinet, maintainability is reflected in standardization, interchangeability, modularization and design accessibility. From the point of view of simplified maintenance, standard parts and accessories should be used as much as possible; modular design should be carried out for the product, that is, the product should be decomposed into several parts to facilitate disassembly and maintenance, and sufficient installation and maintenance space should be provided to facilitate the operation of maintenance personnel.


Security refers to the ability of the cabinet not to cause personal injury and equipment damage. The cabinet shall be free from sharp corners, burrs and other hidden dangers that may endanger personal safety. Sharp edges and sharp parts shall be eliminated, and protective measures shall be taken especially at the wiring opening.

In order to prevent electric shock from harming personal safety, all parts of the cabinet that may be touched shall be electrically interconnected and reliably grounded. The connection resistance between the grounding point and any grounding part shall be less than 0.1 Ω. When the cabinet must use potentially dangerous equipment, the equipment with the highest quality level and the lowest risk (such as PDU, etc.) should be selected.

Environmental adaptability:

Environmental adaptability refers to the ability of the cabinet to achieve all predetermined functions, performance and not be damaged within its life expectancy and under the action of various environments. The main materials of cabinet should be selected according to the environment. For example, in coastal areas or shipboard equipment, parts and accessories should be made of high-quality stainless steel, and in inland areas, ordinary carbon steel materials can be used.

How to select the cabinet?

There are many factors to choose the cabinet, such as the overall structure of the cabinet, the ventilation rate, whether to use the net door or the glass door, or whether to use the front net or the back net glass, or whether the service object of the cabinet is the network cabinet or the server cabinet. Each cabinet has different functions, so we should choose the cabinet in the face of our own network environment.


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