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  • GPON 1280 Optical modem

    GPON 1280 Optical modem

    GPON-1280 Optical modem, WIFI dual-band wireless connection speed up to 300 Mbps at 24 GHz, and dual-band wireless speed up to 1200 Mbps, support 2/3 layer network protocol and high-quality voice transmission. GPON optical network terminals have reliability, good service quality assurance, manageability scalability and flexible networking features.The GPON standard is the ITU-TG.984 series of standards. The development of the GPON standard considers the support for traditional TDM services, and continues to adopt the 125ms fixed frame structure to maintain the 8K timing continuation. In order to support multiple protocols such as ATM, GPON defines a new package structure GEM:GPONEncapsulaTIonMethod. The data of ATM and other protocols can be mixed and encapsulated into frames.GPON is positioned in the telecom industry for multi-service, QoS-guaranteed full-service access needs, and strives to find an optimal, full-service, and most efficient solution, and proposes to “completely and thoroughly open all protocols.” reconsider”.