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  • China supply SFP DWDM LC 80Km optical module

    China supply SFP DWDM LC 80Km optical module

    DWDM (DWDM: Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) is a combination of a set of optical wavelengths that can be transmitted by one fiber. DWDM SFP is a wavelength division multiplexing technology that can couple different wavelengths of light into a single-core fiber for transmission. The channel spacing of the DWDM SFP is 0.4 nm, 0.8 nm, 1.6 nm, etc., and the spacing is small, requiring additional wavelength control devices. A key advantage of the DWDM SFP is that its protocol and transmission speed are irrelevant. The DWDM-based network can transmit data using IP protocol, ATM, SONET/SDH, and Ethernet protocols, and the processed data traffic is between 100Mb/s and 400Gb/s. In this way, a DWDM-based network can transmit different types of data traffic at different speeds on a single laser channel. From a QoS (Quality Service) perspective, DWDM-based networks respond quickly to customer bandwidth requirements and protocol changes in a cost-effective manner.
  • Original EPON OLT SFP optical module for FTTH solution

    Original EPON OLT SFP optical module for FTTH solution

    The SFP+ optical module is a new generation of 10 Gigabit optical modules that can meet Fibre Channel 8.5G and Ethernet 10G applications in accordance with the ANSI T11 protocol. The SFP+ is about 30% smaller than the previous XFP optical module, which looks the same as an ordinary 1-4G SFP optical module. SFP+ only retains the basic electro-optic and photoelectric conversion functions, which reduces the signal control functions of SerDes, CDR, EDC, MAC, etc. in the original XFP design, which simplifies the design of 10G optical modules and reduces power consumption. SFP+ has significant advantages such as high density, low power consumption and lower system construction cost. The products are widely used in the field of 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber data communication, and are the mainstream products of 10 Gigabit modules.