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100M 2 optical 16 electrical POE switch

Product Model:


POE switch is a new generation of green energy-saving Ethernet access power supply switch. It provides simple and convenient installation and maintenance methods and rich business features to help users build safe, reliable and high-performance networks. It can be widely used in Ethernet access scenarios such as small and medium-sized enterprises, Internet cafes, hotels, and schools. The switch has 16 downlink ports and 3 uplink ports. The downlink port is a 10/100M adaptive Ethernet POE power supply port, the uplink port is 1 Gigabit SFP optical port, and 2 10/100/1000M adaptive Ethernet electrical ports. .
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  • Product Description
  • Product features

    1. Supports power supply to wireless (AP) and network surveillance cameras (surveillance cameras) and IP phone via Cat5e/6 standard UTP network cable, supports automatic port flip (Auto MDI/MDIX), supports network port lightning protection (AC power port: differential mode +/-2kV, common mode +/-4kV), supports VLAN Support VLAN, CCTV mode, CCTV mode, Cat5e standard UTP network data and power can be transmitted 250 meters

    2. 1 to 16 ports support standard IEEE802.3af/at power supply (port power supply power maximum 30W, PoE total power: 250W)

    3. 16 downlink 10/100M Adaptive Ethernet electrical ports + 1 uplink Gigabit SFP optical port + 2 uplink 10/100/1000M Adaptive Ethernet electrical ports

    4. Compliant with IEEE 802.3 10i, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE802.3az, IEEE802.3ab, IEEE802.3z, IEEE 802.3x Flow Control; IEEE802.3af/at standard

    5. Backplane bandwidth up to 7.2Gbps

    6. A wire-speed port packet forwarding rate of 1.488Mpps

    7. All ports support wire-speed switching, 10K ultra-long frame range can reach wire speed

    8. Desktop design, can be installed in the cabinet

    9. Power supply adaptive, plug-and-play, no configuration


    Technical parameters

    Technical parameters list

    Detailed parameter description

    Product Model

    CC-10162G2SF-                                         CC-10162G2SF-P+

    Power supply

    Power supply method

    Municipal power supply

    Input Voltage

    AC100-240V 50-60Hz

    Power Consumption

    The machine itself consumes less than 15W                        

    Total power consumption is less than 250W

    Port Parameters

    Network port

    1~16 downlink network ports: 10/100Mbps

    1 Uplink optical port: 1.25Gbps/SFP

    2Uplink network port: 10/100/1000Mbps

    Transmission distance

    1~16 downlink POE network port: 100m

    CCTV open case downlink support 250 meters

    Uplink network port: less than 100 meters

    Uplink optical port: 0-120KM optional

    Transmission medium

    1~16 downlink network ports: Cat5e/6 standard UTP network cable.     

    Uplink optical port: Fiber/SFP

    Uplink electrical port: Cat5e/6 standard UTP network cable

    POE standard

    Compliant with IEEE 802.3af/at international standard, single port maximum power supply 30W

    PoE power supply mode

    End jumper method

    PoE power supply

    Single POE port ≤30W, whole machine <250W

    Switching Parameters

    Network Standard

    IEEE802.3i,IEEE802.3u,IEEE802.3ab,IEEE802.3z,IEEE802.3x,IEEE802.3az,IEEE802.1Q(VLAN), IEEE 802.1w(RSTP)、 IEEE 802.3af/at

    Backplane Bandwidth


    Forwarding method


    Forwarding Rate

    10Mbps:14880pps, 100Mbps:148800pps

    Packet Data Cache


    MAC address table


    Status Indicators

    Power Indicator

    1 indicator power (green)

    Fiber Indicator

    GF port green light

    Uplink port indicator

    17, 18 ports RJ45 yellow light, green light

    Ultra-long distance transmission indicator

    1 indicating CCTV (green)

    POE power port LED

    PoE status indication 16 RJ45 yellow lights

    Network data port LED

    Data status indication 16 RJ45 green lights



    CCTV mode, data and power transmission distance of 250 meters

    Vlan mode, downstream port isolation

    Protection level

    Lightning protection for communication ports

    4KV Implementation standard: IEC61000-4-5

    Environmental Specifications

    Operating Temperature


    Storage Temperature


    Humidity (non-condensing)


    Physical Specifications


    330 x 205 x 44.5mm






    Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)



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    • 100M 2 optical 16 electrical POE switch

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