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Copper panel

Product Model:

Copper panel

Used in the work area, data modules, voice modules, etc. are used together with single-port, dual-port, and four-port information panels to provide user terminals (telephones, TVs, computers) The lead-out interface is suitable for multi-type module installation and is used for wiring in the work area system.
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    1. Made of flame-retardant polycarbonate material, the flame-retardant performance reaches UL94V-0 level

    2. With spring door dust cover (flat opening), with clear label holder

    3. With dust cover to prevent dust

    4. Combined structure, front and rear double-layer panel design, beautiful appearance, avoiding exposure of fixing screw holes

    5. Glossy design, increase the compatibility with strong electric panels

    6. Provide single-port, dual-port, four-port 86×86 series national standard products

    7. Comply with the characteristics of domestic use, and it is used together with the 86 national standard base


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    86 type single port panel


    86 type double port panel


    86 type four port panel

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    • Copper panel

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